Roohi Katarya




I am currently a junior at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Product Design. I am the Executive Director of Design U: a product design consultancy, and a member of the University Innovation Fellows: a global cohort of entrepreneurs. I love to paint, play piano, and photograph my loved ones. I am a textbook ENFP, and have a strong desire to truly understand and learn about the people around me and their stories. Along the way, I tend to make a lot of bad jokes. #PunIntendedAlways. 




It all begins with empathy.

Before I pursue any design endeavor, I think about what my user feels and thinks. How might I create a solution that will positively change his or her daily regime? How can I incorporate a design that will spur laughter and learning in an invisible, yet efficient manner? I strive to challenge myself to understand multiple perspectives and push forward ideas that reach a diverse crowd and is accessible by all. I am excited by ideas that focus on improving overall life satisfaction, both mentally and physically.